Our Aims and Objectives

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SAREC will be a national voice that will act as a focal point for its member organisations, providing strategic direction.  Our focus is on the important task of building lasting and positive links with – and between – minority and majority communities, for only in this way can we effectively promote good community relations and tackle discrimination.

SAREC’s Aims:

  • We seek to influence policy and establish relationships with the UK and Scottish Governments and the Scottish, UK and European Parliaments, as well as with key stakeholders in the public private and voluntary and community sectors
  • Build effective links with and between minority and majority communities cross all of the equality dimension and human rights
  • Offer assistance to individual RECs to ensure they are well resourced and support them in raising funds for specific projects
  • Seek to expand SAREC membership
  • Develop standards and models of excellence for work on equality and human rights
  • Hold regional and national events and produce and disseminate information materials
  • Develop good governance and a SAREC Secretariat
  • Liaise with the press on a national level

SAREC’s Objectives:

  • Champion the broader equality and human rights agenda
  • Work to reduce inequality and eliminate racism and any other form of discrimination
  • Promote equality for all and strengthen good community relations
  • Be a user-led network of grassroots organisations across Scotland
  • Have national priorities that reflect local and regional need and are delivered at a grassroots level
  • Promote quality and equality standards of excellence
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