SAREC: Scottish Alliance of Regional Equality Councils

SAREC brings together the 4 Regional Equality Councils in Scotland, with the aims of tackling discrimination and advancing equality

What We Do

Across Scotland Equality Councils are working to support and empower minority communities, particularly in relation to tackling prejudice & discrimination, and promoting community cohesion & connections.

SAREC delivers joined-up projects across Scotland, most recently relating to tackling prejudice and hate crime.

SAREC also aims to capture the reality and lived experience of minority communities in Scotland, and communicate this to policy-makers at a national level.

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Our Key Documents & Publications

  • Why Me? Hate Crime Research
    This research report is derived from a project undertaken by SAREC, the Scottish Alliance of Regional Equality Councils and funded by the Big Lottery, Investing in Ideas. The research was initiated due to SAREC’s concern about the increasing levels of … Read more
  • 2018-19 Trustees Annual Report
    Click here to read our 2018-19 Annual Report
  • SAREC Position Paper: Supporting Victims of Hate Crime
    Hate Crime, prejudice and the Bracadale Review: Working with communities towards a Scotland without Prejudice A SAREC Position Paper The Scottish Alliance of Regional Equality Councils (SAREC) was formed in 2007 and is made up of the four Regional Equality … Read more